Christmas is coming!

We're now on our countdown to our first Christmas!  We had our late night shopping on Friday which was a great night helped along with homemade mulled wine and brandy laced mince pies!  With the band just down from the shop it was a great atmosphere :)

Our "Name The Reindeer" competition was also drawn and the lovely "Clover" went off to his new home.  We have 2 raffles also on the go - one for a box of Cat and human goodies, the other Dog and human goodies.  I'd love to have a go but I'm not allowed!!

Christmas also means Christmas toys and we have a wide range in stock but they're all out in the shop now so once they're gone, they're gone!  Reindeer appear to be the toy of choice with noodle bird and a red nosed mouse coming in close behind.  (Sango picked his and Hizzys' toys when we were unpacking the delivery so they each have a reindeer when the big day arrives.......!!)

For those unsure what to buy, we have some lovely paw print tote bags with a variety of treats for cats and either large dogs or puppies/small dogs.  They have been selling very well along with Sangos' Snack Packs which have either a selection of Whimzees or Whimzees and biscuits in. 

So, we've been busy, Pawfect For Pets is becoming better known and we have some great regular customers already, we're really looking forward to 2015!


Keeping busy!

Great to say that since I was last here we've been joined by Lilly's Kitchen, Whimzees and Canny Collar to name just a couple of great brands.  I'm also looking in to stocking Pooch & Mutt and we're needing another couple of grain-free, holistic cat foods too so being kept busy!

The shop is getting some great feed back and the Natural Treats fly out of the baskets :)  I think it's the smell of roast beef when you walk in!


Canidae Arriving Today!!

Today's the day we become stockists of CANIDAE, an American, grain free dry food!

Canidae is in four categories for Dogs:

Land:                  Bison, Lamb with Sweet Potatoes

Sky:                    Duck with Sweet Potatoes

Sea:                    Salmon with Sweet Potatoes

Elements:            Lamb, Turkey and Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Two categories for Cats:


Elements:            Chicken based

Sea:                      Salmon based

Enjoyed the PATS Show in Harrogate over the weekend, we knew the natural, appropriate approach to feeding our dogs was improving and growing but the amount of companies and products is exciting!

Not only did we meet some of our current suppliers but came back with information and ideas for the shop - exciting times!

We will update you as we choose who to try out, please come along and give us your feedback!

Already re-ordering!!

So, we've been open 5 days and I've placed 2 re-orders today :)  We have been receiving some great feedback and interest in the raw diet with some deciding to change immediately, others taking our information and looking in to it in more detail on the internet.

We're open!

That was a couple of hard but fun weeks getting the shop up and running and our first day of trading was yesterday :)

The feedback has been great and wish list items mentioned.  Some we can't help with but a couple of items like Slow Feed Bowls were a consideration if there was demand.  It would appear there is, so they will soon be on sale!

The local community of Pangbourne has been very welcoming and supportive of a new small business and I believe we will be very happy there!

Hope you can come and visit us soon and give us your feedback too!



We're in!!

At last, Pawfect For Pets has a home!!  We collected the keys on Friday and now we are starting to build, paint and unpack - oh, and place orders for the first time with Fish4Dogs, Antler Dog Chews, Natural Dog Treats and Nutriment which includes a lovely branded freezer.

We have interest shown by passers by and from other Pangbourne business, as you will have realised we're different from your traditional pet supplies shop so look forward to feedback once we've opened the doors on



Keys tomorrow?!

Fingers crossed we will be given the keys tomorrow and can start building and painting units and then moving them around the shop to decide on the first positioning!!  Will keep you all posted and photos - follow us on Facebook (Pawfect For Pets) and Twitter (@pawfectforpets) for immediate information and progress reports!

DogFest and Nutriment Raw

Had a great day at DogFest 2015, only heard about it yesterday but now we know, hope we'll be there as a Trade Stand in 2015.  We enjoyed a lovely hot day, dogs galore who were well catered, stands and displays and not surprisingly we had a very tired pup by the time we left - but then he did try to say hello to every dog that attended!

We were able to support UK-GSR and then had a wander where we were really pleased to say hello to the Nutriment Team.  Lovely team with great products, looks like we have another supplier for the shop..

Talking of which, we have spoken with our landlord and we will hopefully (all being well in the land of solicitors) be signing paperwork this week.  Now racking my brain to see if there is anything that isn't organised yet.....!!

Natural Dog Treats

Excellent!  We can also confirm Natural Dog Treats will also be supplying us with everything from Beef & Garlic Sausages to Cows Ears and Puff Jerky.  Guess whose dogs are eager volunteers to be the chief tester!!

Antler Dog Chews

My dogs will love me forever!  Antler Dog Chews will also be for sale but not only will there be a range of antlers but they do a great range of healthy biscuits, venison treats and eco toys made from jute and split leather.  I'm going to enjoy placing my order!!

Speaking with more suppliers!

A busy morning!

With the shop in Pangbourne within reach, we can look to expanding our suppliers of treats and chews to compliment our BARF range by Landywoods and hopefully one other that will include cat food.  There are great companies out there and the ones I have approached we know from personal experience but if there are any you use, let us know!


All change!

We have been telling you all for weeks now that we would be opening our shop in Tilehurst but, due to a couple of ongoing issues, we have decided to withdraw our interest.  We have however, found a shop in Pangbourne, the next village along.  Still 5 miles / 10 minutes from the M4 and with parking to the rear of the shop it will not effect our customers' journey time and you'll find that being in the heart of the village there is the chance for a coffee or lunch and the opportunity to take a walk by the River Thames!

We have had our fingers crossed for a few weeks now but hopefully this is the last time and we really can say we look forward to seeing you next month!!

Fingers crossed!!

We have instructed solicitors but it's a long process to obtaining the lease for a shop!  Fingers crossed it won't be too long now before we can open up in Tilehurst, just 10 minutes from the M4, Junction 12. 

We also went on holiday and came back with a puppy!!  I will be posting photos to show you how Sango grows on the raw diet, he's certainly growing at a great rate of knots - it looks like he could end up bigger than Hizzy!!

Hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday weekend!  The warmer weather is encouraging us to explore new walks (and see if we will continue our trend of getting lost....!) and the bluebells are gorgeous at the moment.

We're hoping to have the lease to our shop early next month - we shall let you know as soon as we do :)  So, on that point, we're going away for a few days beforehand so we're ready and raring to go on our return, it really is an exciting time for us, we can't wait :)

Attended a workshop that was interesting and informative with some good advice.  Next is to concentrate on the Newbury Dog Show over the 12th and 13th April - marketing and orders to be done!

- and I hope the sun is shining where you are too!  :)

Great news today!  Very pleased to announce that we will be supplied by the family run company Landywoods for our raw diet range.  We have used them ourselves since we began feeding our own dogs raw and so can personally recommend them!  I look forward to confirming details in the near future.  Carol

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