At Pawfect For Pets we stock the range from Landywoods Pet Foods and we know from our own experience that whether you do already feed raw or are considering changing over, that this company provides both great quality and a wide range of frozen meats to provide your dog with a healthy and varied diet.

Landywoods have over 20 years of experience and is a family run business based in Staffordshire. Their meat products contain no added water, preservatives, cereals, colourings or additives and Pawfect For Pets is delighted to be accepted as a retail outlet for Landywoods within the Berkshire area.

The following are examples from their range.

The minces come in 454g (1lb) packs, other items in 2.3 kg bags.

  The photos are examples of what you can expect:


Minced Lamb                                        


Minced Beef & Kidneys (Ox)                 


Minced Surf & Turf (Salmon & Beef)    



Chicken Carcasses                                

Turkey Wings                                                       (yes, 1 wing weighs 2.3kg!)

Kidney Chunks                                       

Beef Chunks                                        



Please note Landywoods stock a wide range that they regularly increase, the above is just an example of some of our stock